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In 2015, the Australian Capital Territory became the second jurisdiction in Australia to introduce minimum passing distances for motorists overtaking bike riders, creating a significantly safer environment for vulnerable road users.

The most common bike rider fatality crash type is being hit from behind by a motor vehicle travelling in the same direction.


Refining existing laws to provide a measurable benchmark for safe overtaking distance is the leading action needed to reduce fatal and high-threat-to-life tragedies.

The Amy Gillett Foundation’s a metre matters campaign has spearheaded the national effort for state and territory governments to implement minimum overtaking distance legislation.


By supporting the Foundation through the Big Canberra Bike Ride 2017, you are directly contributing to the robust awareness, education and evaluation campaigns the AGF will deliver and support in the ACT to ensure the new legislation is effective in saving lives.

The fundraising objective of the Big Canberra Bike Ride 2017 is to raise funds to strengthen the Foundation's work in the ACT.

Your support will help save lives.


a metre matters



Useful links:

a metre matters - http://www.amygillett.org.au/a-metre-matters

ACT to deliver a metre matters trial press release -  http://www.amygillett.org.au/actametrematters/

Queensland overtaking distance legislation market research results - http://www.amygillett.org.au/qld-overtaking-distance-market-research/









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